#2: Closing Mirrors

Hey Sandy. We miss you down at the coven. Matt said you wanted me to write up the mirror thing.


- 1/2 Cup Flour
- About an ounce of milkweed
- The wings of a monarch butterfly

Grind the ingredients together in a stone bowl until they form a fine powder. pour the powder on the mirror you want to close and light it with a wooden match. The mixture closes about half a square foot of mirror. You'll have to use more for larger surfaces.
Matt said you wanted to know if it only works in Calgary. I don't know if it's the city itself, or just the elevation. Sorry.

- Jess P.

#1: The Cyber Café

In China Town there’s this cybercafe in the same building as The Kingfisher. It’s small and cheap and old. The walls are still decorated with Diablo 2 and Quake boxes. The computers are a bit behind too, but that’s not really what the patrons go there for. Go in, buy some time, and load up Heart of Wit. It’s an Asian MMO, the kind with graphics that look like Gaia online. Make a free account and wander into the City of Wit.
The City of Wit will be inhabited by a half dozen players. All of whom will be talking in what looks like Asian script of some kind but is actually hyper stylized English. After your eyes adjust, you’ll realize that the player character names are the names of people you know in your everyday life. Most will ignore you, but occasionally they’ll give you quests or challenge you to a duel. The quests are simple. Kill five dragon hatchlings and we’ll give you a gold ingot. That kind of thing.
Whatever you do, never accept a challenge to duel and always do the quests. Names aren’t the only thing that crosses over between the game and reality.